Our team

Art Historians & Guides

We have taken a particular interest in hand-picking only the best art historians for you: international, interesting people on a personal level too, with extra-special communication skills and with an in-depth understanding of Spain and its unique cultural heritage. They have all studied History of Art in Spain, some of them having passed their doctorate with honours.


Arts Exclusive works directly with a selected group of well established artists, galerists, designers, musicians, etc – chosen for their artistic heritage, backgrounds and personalities who can share their art with others at private concerts, visits to artist studios, “meet and greet”, conferences…


What sets Arts Exclusive apart:

  1. We understand our clients and work their needs case by case.
  2. Thanks to the professionalism of our team we can boast an impeccable execution. We have an international team with diverse training and experience AND a passion for perfection – which makes us and our suppliers perform at 100%. The professional background of the team┬ácombines managers with longstanding Marketing / Private Banking / Arts Historians and Museum specialists / as well as Travel & Tourism specialists. The right mix to obtain the best results for you.
  3. Value for money is a primary concern for us, and regardless of the size of the budget, we always work with a strong focus on cost-efficiency.